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Welcome to the New York Energy Forum

The Energy Forum, Inc. is an educational organization formed under the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law of the State of New York. The purpose of the Energy Forum is to increase public understanding of significant regional, national and global energy issues by sponsoring seminars, meetings, publications and conferences which foster an open exchange of information, ideas and policy positions.

The Energy Forum provides an opportunity for global energy industry participants, academics and students, interest groups, journalists, government officials and the public at large to interact with one another in a non-partisan environment and discuss such significant regional, national and global energy issues. The Board of Directors of the Energy Forum organizes various monthly events.

Upcoming Energy Forum Events

Iran: The JCPOA Outlook and Implications of the U.S. Sanctions
November 20, 2018 - New York City, NY


The Energy Forum is funded through corporate sponsorships and and individual subscriptions as well as per meeting fees to cover expenses. Students and faculty from academic institutions, and active members of the military receive a discounted price of $10 per person per meeting. For more information about becoming a sponsor or annual subscriber, click here.

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The Energy Forum, Inc.

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